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Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf is developed by Liquid Entertainment
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Liquid Entertainment

Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf is an strategy game developed by Liquid Entertainment.
The Wolf clan lived in a remote place where he lived a wild existence, in harmony with nature and under the designs of the shamans, who were the mediators of the clan with the nature. But they have to leave that land and find another without danger. For that purpose, they used the sacred totem to go to a safe place.Unfortunately,they not succeeded and were transported to some intermediate territory which are dominated by the Lotus clan and the Serpent clan.

In addition, they became slaves of the Loto clan. They were forced to work in the mines. Grayback, a hero of this clan, decided to liberate his people from the mines, bringing men together and fighting for the freedom. Then he must do a tough campaign in which the clans are involved. You will have to manage your resources and units.
In addition you will be careful with the snow, that is going to complicate the rice harvest.

Graphics and sound.
The graphics are amazing, the scenarios are very well done. the sound effects are very good and the soundtrack is nice.

In conclusion, this is an excellent game for those who like the ancient Japan.

María Noel Balla
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